William Ellis, a wonderful British photographer and writer is creating an amazing website. I'm honored to be included on his site with so many of my jazz heroes!
One LP - William Ellis

Here's a link to my interview on the NAMM Oral History Library site:
I'm proud to be there with so many of my heroes!

Jazz historian and journalist Scott Yanow has honored me by including me in his newest book "The Great Jazz Guitarists - The Ultimate Guide" www.scottyanow.com

I have another interview on Youtube with Rich Severson. He interviewed me and Ron Anthony: YouTube Interview

This is an excerpt of an interview with guitarist Barry Zweig, from Jim Carlton's book, Conversations With Great Jazz Guitarists, available from Mel Bay Publications: "Here, Barry passes on some practical and valuable things that he learned from Johnny Smith." Jim Carlton read the full article

NEW! Myrna Daniels interviews Barry for LA JAZZ SCENE
read the full article

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