This is an excerpt of an interview with guitarist Barry Zweig, from Jim Carlton's book, Conversations With Great Jazz Guitarists, available from Mel Bay Publications: "Here, Barry passes on some practical and valuable things that he learned from Johnny Smith." Jim Carlton
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NEW! Myrna Daniels interviews Barry for LA JAZZ SCENE
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"Zweig's mellow solo style enhanced standards you thought you knew, making you aware there was more substance and lyrical beauty to them than realized before!"
Harvey Barkan, LA JAZZ SCENE   full article

"L.A.ís Barry Zweig is one of the most in-demand players in a town full of monsters."
Jim Carlton, CLASSIC JAZZ GUITAR.COM    full article

"One of the busiest guitarists in the Los Angeles area"
Ed Benson, JUST JAZZ GUITAR    full interview

"Whatever he plays, Zweig will try to tell a story without words, and let listeners know the joy he feels telling it."
Zan Stewart, LOS ANGELES TIMES    full article

"Jazz legend George Van Eps made a rare appearance with Barry Zweig...The consummate pair of string artists."
Floyd Levin, JUST JAZZ GUITAR    full article

"His sophisticated chord progressions made every tune a delight."
Harvey Barkam, L.A. JAZZ SCENE    full article

"Barry Zweig is a made member of the Guitar elite and he joyfully exhibited that mastery for the hip gathering at Michael D's."

This guitarist, writer, and educatior plays it all without compromise. Mostly he plays in the progressive mainstream, but he can and does venture into different arenas.
Michael G. Nastos, ALL MUSIC GUIDE

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